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Riverside, Ontario's newest summer destination, has been serving the gay male community since 2011.


We are a private, members only campground and safe space for gay and bisexual men. Our beautiful 96-acre wooded campground in the Land O'Lake region of eastern Ontario is located halfway between Ottawa and Toronto, and is an easy drive from either city.  Riverside is easily accessible from highways 401, 37 & 7.  We are also a quick drive from Kingston and Peterborough and the U.S. border too. 


Riverside offers over 2,400 feet of waterfront on the Skootamatta River, in addition to 110 tent and RV sites. All of our sites are extra large, private, and well treed.  We have clothing optional camping areas too. Campsites are available by the day, week, month or season. We also have a beautiful, heated and completely private in-ground pool, numerous theme weekends throughout the summer,  Friday night community bonfires, Saturday night dances most weekends, a Pavilion and Courtyard entertainment area and more.



Riverside is a true camping experience. With 96 acres of abundant wilderness and wildlife, we offer a super natural gay camping experience retreat and safe space for adult men. All of our campsites are extra large, well treed and private. Riverside is renowned for its welcoming, friendly and social environment. It's hard not to make friends during your stay. Riverside is truly a gay campground like no other.


Seasonal Camping is the perfect way to spend the summer. For a seasonal fee, you have a dedicated campsite to call your own. No bother or worry of transporting your trailer to and from home every weekend; it's already there, set up and awaiting your arrival. When you renew for the next season, you can even leave your trailer stored on site over the winter months. But, best of all, you become a member of a fun and friendly gay camping community.



We have rental accommodations too! We have 5 RV rentals. All are fully equipped with a private bathroom & shower, kitchen, microwaves & coffee makers.

We also have seven "Bunkie" cabins, which are the perfect alternative to a tent site. Each Bunkie (themed after The Golden Girls & Schitt's Creek) has a comfortable bed with a double mattress, a ceiling fan, A/C, lots of windows and a seating area & coffee station. Each site comes with it's own fire ring and picnic table.


Events are all about people! We offer a full Calendar of Themed Weekends. From DRAG DIVAS to JOCKTOBERFEST, STUDIO 54 to HALLOWEEN, our Social Committee works hard to provide fun & entertainment all summer long. Don't miss our Friday Night Community BONFIRES & Saturday Night Themed DANCE PARTIES!



Nearby towns (Tweed, Madoc & Kaladar) are just a short drive from Riverside where you can pick up groceries and other supplies for your visit. If you're looking to venture outside of the campground during your stay, there are several beautiful atractions nearby to enjoy like the Swimming Hole, High Falls, and Dark Sky Viewing Area.


In order for Riverside to be a safe, secure and fun environment for everyone, we ask all campers to please abide by the Park Policies.

1. Age Requirement:

Riverside is a private, members only campground and safe space for gay and bisexual adult men 19+.


2. Visitors & Guests:

All visitors & guests must pre-register and any outstanding fees are to be paid upon arrival. Park access past 9:00 PM will only be granted to registered guests or guests with a current reservation.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Late arrivals will be accommodated with advance notice. For security reasons, the entrance gate is locked at 9:00 PM and re-opens at 8:00 AM. We are happy to accommodate guests who need to access the park later than 9:00 PM or depart earlier than 8:00 AM. Please make arrangements with the Office.


3. Check In/Out:

Check out for campers is 11:00 AM, and check in is 2:00 pm, however you may still use the facilities until 6:00 PM.


4. Public Conduct:

Respecting the boundaries & sensibilities of  ALL our campers, Riverside has a no public sex policy.  Sexual activity is not permitted in common areas of the park, i.e. the Shower House, Pool, Pavilion, etc.  That's what Tents, Trailers & Naughty Pines is for! We ask that you please play respectfully. Clothing is optional in designated areas, please observe posted signage.  Anyone causing a disturbance, or behaving in a belligerent manner will be asked to leave the campground without benefit or refund. 


5. Firewood & Campfires:

To prevent infestation of invasive and destructive insects, no outside firewood is permitted at Riverside. Firewood is available for purchase at the camp office at very reasonable prices. Campfires are permitted only in designated fire rings, and must be attended at all times or are to be put out. Please do not move or re-locate fire rings, it ruins the campsite and creates a safety issue - plus they weigh a ton and are a pain to move back!


6. Trees:

Please do not cut or remove any trees or branches at anytime, whether they are dead or alive. Only the campground staff are authorized to remove trees. This is one of the reasons why we sell our firewood for so cheap! In addition, nothing is to be secured to any trees within the park for any reason. Chainsaws are not permitted in the camp at any time.


7. Speed Limits:

Please respect a maximum speed of 10 km/h in the park. Speed limits will be enforced. We also ask that you please do not drive on the grass and stay only on the roads. This goes for any motorized vehicle. For safety purposes, and in consideration of our tent campers, we ask that all vehicles are to be parked on their reserved lot by 10:00 PM. Please, don't park on an empty or rented site which is not your own. All motorized vehicles must be insured and registered with the campground.  The same rules as on public roads apply in the campground.


8. Illegal Drugs:

Riverside Campground does not tolerate the use or sale of illegal drugs on the property.


9. Alcohol:

Riverside is a BYOB campground. Consumption of alcohol to the point of physical or mental impairment is not permitted in public campground areas. Nobody likes an intoxicated hot mess! (Okay, some may but most don't). Operation of any motorized vehicle, equipment or watercraft while impaired is strictly prohibited. Please be courteous to other campers.


10. Campsite Care:

Campsites are to be kept clean and tidy. Please leave your campsite as you would like to find it when you arrive. This applies to rental accommodations as well, in some circumstances cleaning fees may be applied.


11. Music & Noise:

Out of courtesy to other campers, please avoid any undue noise or activity between 11:00 pm and 9:00 am. No excessively loud music or noise will be permitted at anytime.


12. Pool Area:

Swimming is at your own risk. We assume no responsibility for injuries, loss or damages of any kind. Please obey the posted rules and regulations set forth by the Hastings & Prince Edward County Health Unit for your safety and for those around you. Absolutely no glass containers are permitted in the pool area at any time. Cleanup costs will be the responsibility of the guest.  Glass is a bad idea anywhere in a campground for that matter, so we really appreciate it when you use paper, plastic and aluminum. Due to public health regulations, pets are not permitted in the pool area.


13. Cans and Paper:

Recycling bins are located within the park. Please use them. Littering is not permitted.


14. Garbage & Other Waste:

To avoid attracting local wildlife, garbage can be put in the designated area across from the camp office. All household items, lawn chairs, barbecues, and furniture must be taken directly to the local landfill.


15. Water:

All water supplied to the campground is from our well, and goes through a three-tiered purification and filtration system. For this reason, car washing and excessive use is not permitted.


16. Maximum Occupancy:

For weekend/overnight campers, a maximum of four people, one RV (including pop-up trailers) and two vehicles are permitted per campsite. For seasonal campers, only one trailer and one storage shed is allowed. An additional dining tent is permitted. For larger parties (8 persons or more) designated group camping areas are available at discounted rates.


17. Heaters:

Electric heaters are not permitted.


18. Commercial Activity:

Sales and commercial activities are not allowed in the campground.


19. Suppliers:

No outside suppliers are permitted in the campground without permission of the campground owners. All suppliers must check in at the camp office upon arrival.


20. Pets:

All pets must be leashed and owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. Pets are not to be left unattended for longer than an hour or two. Continuously barking dogs may be asked to leave the camp. We love dogs too, just not overly noisy ones!


21. Fireworks:

For safety and insurance purposes, we don't allow fireworks or pyrotechnics in the park at any time.


Anyone who is in breach of the Campground's policies may be asked to leave the campground without refund.  All campers also agree to abide by all applicable municipal, provincial or federal laws and regulations. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.


Your attention and co-operation is appreciated!



Park Policies
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